Lyric Sailing

March 2023

Time is just sailing away. Hard to believe that it is March already. We're steady making our way up the Exuma chain with stops in Georgetown, Little Farmers, Back Point, Staniel Cay and Warderick. So many just picture postcard settings. We've met and made friends with so many people. The worst part is connecting with folks and then sailing away in opposite directions. 

Keeping track......

... is the primary purpose of this site so the two young girls in this picture, who are now young women, know where in the world their parents are. 

We have family in St. Louis, Maryland and New York.  Extended family from South Carolina to Utah and many places in between. Then there are all our friends spread out all over God's creation.

We will update with pictures, a few videos, some ramblings of life aboard Lyric as we go voyaging. 

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InReach came back to life....for now. Tracking is here

To see Patty's blog, go to the "Words" page. 

To see what is rolling around inside Tom's head, use the drop down arrow in the Words section. We try to make it hard to get there!

Messaging update - Our Iridium is now only used for passage making as we've installed Starlink so you can just email us! Tom's a Starlink Fan Boy. He keeps saying, "100 Mbps downloads underway in salty conditions, freak'in amazing"