Offshore from NC to BVIs

These were 8-10ft waves with a period of 8 seconds between them. Anyone that has been offshore knows this is a challenging sea state

This is Innisfree. Another Salty Dawg on their way to Antiqua.

On this voyage, Patty become a sailor. She held her solo watches, experienced washer machine living down below for 11 days, did more than her fair share of cooking and was instrumental in this whole experience being able to even happen. I love her. She made me really proud.

To keep from being thrown out of the bunk, leecloths are used

Behind Patty is a Danbouy. This is a man-over-board device that is thrown to the person in the water and self inflates when it senses water. It usually is in a small throwable package

I was on watch and a wave broke in the cockpit. The light went on then "boom" it deployed.

Allen driving the boat

We put the line in and in about 1/2 hour caught this bad boy

The problem was none of us are fishermen so we caught it then had NO idea how to kill or cut it up. Under the direction of Allen reading a book I had on board, we got it filleted .

After1500+nm - LANDFALL!

Look at that smile!

You're damn right it tasted good! Real damn good

A little rar just like if we were at HQ (Doc's Sunset)

"Come on in boys, the water's fine!"