Puerto Rico

Some pictures of Culebra (island off Puerto Rico) and the mainland

For many years the US Navy used Culebra for training purposes. There are a couple of old tanks that the Navy left. 

This one is well known as the "graffiti tank"

This tank didn't make it onto dry land

We used the folding bikes to get from the boat to the beach

Old school house 

Entrance to the beach

(I see the word "Playa", I always think "He's ah playa!" Silly but its what pops into my head)

Looking up the canal from the drawbrige in Culebra

Chicken - the regional "bird" of the Caribbean

Street in Culebra with the draw bridge in the back ground

Culebra version of a 7-Eleven

Dingy Dock Restaurant

It was a steep hill to the beach

Pictures of Puerto Real on the west coast of Puerto Rico

There was a great little restaurant in Puerto Real that overlooked the harbor. On Monday nights the local retirees gather to play music, eat, drink and have fun. It was a lot of fun. Great people

This is Jane and Victor. They are from Oregon. Really friendly folks. They had a coffee roasting business there. Must have been good as they served the coffee at Bill & Melinda Gates' wedding.

....from serving coffee to billionaires to fixing the head (toilet). 

Harbor scenes in Puerto Real