Long Island, Bahamas

Looking towards the beach in Calabash Bay, Long Island

Small yet really nice resort in Calabash Bay. Met up with our friend Tim (he has an Outbound like ours). Had dinner with Tim and new friends from Canada (Jos & Erica) at the resort restaurant. 

.....the water!

Shrimp Hole is a small ocean fed water hole located in the middle of the island.

Abandoned church on the way to Shrimp Hole.

Shrimp hole. It's deeper than it looks and goes way back and down.

Part of Hamilton's Cave where the Lucayans, who inhabited the Caribbean islands, used to live

Hard to see but they are bats in the caves. Only a few were there when we were in there but at certain times of the year there are thousands. 

Father Jerome was an Anglican priest who was also an architect. He designed several churches in the Bahamas. This is the Catholic church in Clarence Town.

Here is a link to some info on Father Jerome

Road down to Dean's Hole. 

The sign at Dean's Hole. No, I had not been drinking. This is my impersonation of a free diver ascending from the hole

So what is Dean's Hole? It is located in a lagoon that drops off from the shore line in a matter of feet to over 663 feet deep. Free divers have competitions here. 

We were told that sting rays and other large fish come up from deep in the hole and make their way out to the lagoon and then the ocean

Tim swimming out to the middle of the hole. 

Here's a link to Dean's Blue Hole

That is the edge of the hole. I swam around in the hole with the though, "Don't drop the camera. Don't drop the camera."

We anchored in Thompson Bay. The settlement of Salt Pond was nearby. The people there were incredibly cruiser friendly. There was a food market, marine store, rental car place, hair dresser and a liquor store/bar. The bar holds happy hours on Wednesdays and Fridays. Beers were inexpensive and they served wings, meatballs and other food. the party would spill outside where there was karaoke. The people who own the place made you feel like you are a guest in their house. Just great. The invited everyone to "Da Farm" on Saturday where they cook. Da Farm is across the road from the bar in the woods.

Entrance to Da Farm

Kitchen at the farm.

They were serving a stew that day. All gratis.