Great Inagua and Acklins Islands Bahamas

This is Great Inagua Island. It is the southern most island in the Bahamas. Unlike the other Bahamian islands, Inagua is rocky and very dry. Morton Salt has a production facility there with vast salt ponds on the northern end. It is also home to one of the largest populations on flamingos. They get their color from eating the shrimp in the interior lake which is extremely salty. Inagua is also very isolated therefore not often visited by many cruisers. While we were there the island was used as a staging terminal to repatriate 393 Haitians that the US Coast Guard intercepted at sea. One of the best things of crusing is all the new people we meet. While at Great Inagua we met the sailing family Happy Pancake. They are a Swedish family taking time off to see a bit of the world. We ended up spending a lot of time with them on Great Inagua and Acklins islands with plans to meet them in George Town. They are just the most delightful family.

Lighthouse at the southern end of the island. It is still operational today although not advised to be used for navigation due to it's current state

View from the top

Olaf and Tom at the top of the lighthouse. The stairs were just a bit rickety.

Patty, Lisa and Annie at the dock

Great Inagua has a rocky coastline but the water is so doggone beautiful

The salt mounds at the Morton Salt facility

Anyone need some salt?

Norman was our guide for the day on Great Inagua. He was born and raised on the island

A local church

LIsa and Felix making Lemonaid onboard Lyric. It was so much fun having them around. 

These pictures are from Acklins Island which is an overnight sail from Great Inagua

Our new friend Lisa (all of 7 years old) snorkeling

That's Olaf down there hunting for lobster

Tom & Olaf off to catch some food

Olaf got a grouper

Olaf fileting the grouper

We had better luck getting lobster when we bought them from this fisherman. Six lobsters for $20.....but the carrots are $10 for a bag. 

The six of us. Patty, Tom, Lisa, Olaf, Annie and Felix

(Taken on Great Inagua)

Happy Pancake underway. How can you not smile when a seven and three year old hails you on the radio saying, "Lyric, Lyric, Lyric..this is Happy Pancake"?