ICW & Morehead City

Allen giving Patty some instructions on navigating the ICW

Leaving Hampton

Just some random pictures - Lyric looking aft and the Mystic tallship outside Hampton

One of the locks we went through on our way down the ICW

Charlie making yet another friend in the way through the lock

We have an "air draft" of 63' 6" meaning the mast is that tall (not counting the VHF antenna and wind instruments. Many of the bridges on the ICW are 65" feet high. Going under them is a tense time. Many of the bridges have guages showing the clearance. 64'.....YIKES. When going under this particular bridge, the VHF antenna "pinged" across the bottom of the bridge.

Patty at the helm

Incredible rainbow one morning when we were getting ready to get underway

Wing on wing meaning the mainsail off to one side with the jib on the opposite side when running downwind.

Charlie and Allen - best crew out there.

Both Charlie and Allen cooked some amazing meals (and cleaned the dishes too)

Up and down the mast to put the wind indicator back on