Lyric is an Outbound 46 (you can click through the link to learn more). In 2016 we attended the US Sailboat Show in Annapolis, Maryland. We went aboard an Outbound and after exploring the boat from bow to stern we declared, "If we ever buy another boat it will be this boat." We meant an Outbound, but little did we know we would end up with that very Outbound from the sailboat show. She was named Kinetic then.

The below pictures of Lyric (Kinetic) were taken at the sailboat show. It was "meant to be."

If you click through to the videos on the Outbound site, the videos are of Lyric when she was Kinetic. A few things have changed. We've added a Hyrdrovane self steering wind vane, diesel heat and upgraded to Lithium batteries.

Outbound has a very active owners group. If you have a question on virtually any aspect of the boat, someone in the group will have an answer. Huge resource of information. So thankful for the forum.