The Crew


St. Louis born and bred


From the Land of Pleasant Living - The Eastern Shore of Maryland

Where did this sailing thing start for us?

For Tom it goes back to his childhood originating with a 11ft Mirror sailing dingy his father Bill built. As his parents graduated through a number of sailboats, ending with a Bayfield 40 on which Bill and Paula lived aboard for a couple of years back in the late 1980's, the sailing bug was firmly planted.

Being from St. Louis, Patty's water experience was limited to river rafting trips, overnight canoe trips with college friends, and the occasional pontoon boat ride. Pretty doggone cool a thoroughly Mid-Western girl is game for big time sailing.

After two sailboats (Patty threatened to turn one into a planter if I didn't get it out of the driveway.), bought at the St. Michael's Maritime Museum auction, we got serious with a custom Ted Brewer 44' cutter. One beautiful sailboat with a LOT of brightwork. She's a very capable blue water sailboat, so why sell her and buy Lyric? Age...of us. Sailing is physical. Fatigue is a huge factor in safety at sea. Lyric by her design and systems will significantly reduce fatigue for a short handed crew.

Victory at anchor and underway